Don't Be Blue This January


Don’t be blue this January, we have got some top tips to stay happy and healthy this month.

  1. Go for a walk, yes we know this is the obvious one, but not only does walking improve circulation, it lightens your mood, strengthens your heart and most importantly it improves your sleep. 

  2. Find a hobby… This lockdown life has us all trying a variety of activities, finding something that interests you gives you a break from day to day stress and declutters your mind. Whether it’s binging a new series on netflix, cooking, spending time gardening or doing something creative, it will certainly boost your confidence and self esteem. 

  3. Be social! *following government guidelines of course* Reach out to a relative or a friend, make that phone-call or send that text, arrange a zoom quiz (if you’re not already quizzed out) and have a conversation.

  4. Stick the kettle on, as simple as it is, go for it and have a brew (or coffee). Turn off your TV and pop your phone down. Taking 5 minutes out of your day to fully zone out and have a bit of peace and quiet is highly effective, it’ll restore your mental wellness and help relieve stress.

  5. Keep a routine - everyone is in unfamiliar territory with the current pandemic, so keeping some normality and routine is vital. Try to get up and go to bed at your normal time. Getting enough sleep, eating regularly and keeping hydrated will help you during this pandemic.