Essential Autumn Shoes for Men - 2018

With the weather starting to change, and the longest, hottest summer for over 40 years coming to an end, we’re looking ahead and helping you to pick the best men’s shoes for autumn 2018.

Go With Natural Colours

Earth tones and browns are a staple of the classic ‘autumn look’, mirroring the natural colours of the season and perfectly suiting a time when we start to pull back from the bright excesses of summer. But there’s more than one side to the colour brown... From light tans through to near-blacks, the range of tones on offer means you can steer the look whichever way your taste takes you.

And keep in mind that natural colours aren’t strictly for the outdoors either. Worn with the right colour trousers, brown shoes can work perfectly in a formal setting too. With earth toned suits on-trend right now, breaking the classic ‘black shoes for work’ rule has never been easier!


We guess there must have been a time when loafers weren’t in fashion, we’re just struggling to think of it right now! With tan and brown leather being such a common choice for the style, loafers can seem the natural pick for the autumn season. 

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Boots – Where Form Meets Function

There’s something of a western theme running through fashion right now – but don’t panic, we’re not about to suggest you go for the full cowboy look just yet!

Instead, why not tap into the trend by choosing a low boot? The perfect compliment to the classic smart casual look, low boots blend sophistication with just a faint suggestion of rugged styling – perfect for the modern man who wants to look at ease in either town or country.

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Brown Brogues for Autumn

Whether you need to present a more formal version of you between 9 and 5, or simply prefer that look naturally, then brown leather brogues are an obvious choice - perfectly combining classic autumnal colours with the sophisticated, ornately formal appeal that the style’s famous for.

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