Five of the Best Spring Holiday Destinations

You’ve done it... You’ve endured the British winter, and come out on the other side. Now’s the time to reward yourself with a holiday. But where should you head? To help you decide, we’ve put together this guide, where we’ll count down five of the best spring holiday destinations.

  1. Rome

Ready for some culture? Why not visit one of Europe’s most historic cities? Rome is actually a vibrant, forward-looking city, but also one which boasts some of the world’s most iconic ruins – the last, lingering reminders of the once-mighty Roman Empire.

Sadly, modern-day Rome is transformed into a crowded tourist trap during the summer months, and the fierce Mediterranean heat can be unpleasant. Visiting in the spring offers an appealing alternative, with fewer crowds and less risk of stiflingly hot weather.

What to wear: Warmth is likely, but not guaranteed, so be sure to pack a wide range of clothes. It’s also worth remembering that Italy is famous for good style – so smart casual could be a better look than beachwear. Finally, a word of warning… We’re reliably informed that togas are no longer in vogue!

  1. The Canary Islands

The Spanish-owned Canary Islands actually lie off the coast of Morocco, and are surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. A spring holiday to the Canaries promises moderate warmth, without the fierce heat that the summer can bring; it’s also a great way to explore these popular islands at a non-peak time, and avoid the rush of sunseekers who flock here in July and August.

The four most popular Canary Islands are Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura; each benefit from an appealing sub-tropical climate, and all four offer plenty of attractions to tempt us Brits south for some spring sunshine.

What to wear: The Canaries famously offer a lot for the adventurous traveller, and practical, hardwearing clothing could be best if you’re planning more than just a beach holiday.

  1. Paris

France, our nearest neighbour, isn’t short of alluring destinations, but Paris tops the list. The capital city offers fine spring weather, culture aplenty and convenient journey times (the Eurostar even offers a viable alternative to flying, especially if you live in southern England).

Top attractions in and around the city include the Eiffel Tower – once the world’s tallest building, the Palace of Versailles, a baroque palace listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Louvre – widely considered the world’s best art gallery.

What to wear: Dress to impress! Visiting iconic landmarks, chateaus and art galleries is the ideal opportunity to adopt a more formal look, and a good suit is a must if you’re planning to dine at some of Paris’s world-famous restaurants.

  1. The Caribbean

Late winter through to mid-spring is the best time of year to visit the Caribbean; the weather is slightly cooler and humidity levels are lower – making this the season for visitors who prefer pleasant warmth to oppressive heat. Visiting in spring also means that you can avoid the risk of hurricanes and tropical storms – something well worth keeping in mind, especially if you’re visiting the northern Caribbean.

Some of the most popular Caribbean spots include Barbados, Jamaica and the Bahamas – a stunning archipelago that reaches north almost as far as Florida.

What to wear: The Caribbean enjoys year-round warmth, so make sure you’re kitted out with T-shirts, shorts and relaxed footwear.

  1. Great Britain

We thought long and hard about which destination deserved the coveted top spot, but in the end, the tried-and-trusted staycation won the day!

When you think about it, the choice is clear – Britain offers dozens of potential spring holiday destinations, from the stunning coastline of Cornwall, to the rugged mountains of North Wales; from the lochs of Scotland, to the cultural allures of London, Edinburgh or Oxford.

And the time feels right to keep it British too, with Brexit looming large and casting doubts over international travel – not to mention the wobbly exchange rates we’re grappling with right now! When you bring it all together, there’s never been a better excuse to stay within our shores for your spring holiday.

What to wear: Just because we’ve enjoyed a sun-soaked February, don’t assume the spring will follow suit… Kit yourself out with a warm jacket, then get out there and enjoy everything Great Britain has to offer!