Get Ready for Raceday – A Guide to Men’s Grooming

It’s said that the clothes maketh the man, but even the sharpest dresser won’t turn heads unless he’s taking care of himself. A day at the races offers a natural incentive to polish up your look, and since we’ve already covered what to wear, this felt like the right moment to delve into the world of male grooming.

Is Male Grooming Worth It?

Only you can answer that question… Sure, you could argue that time spent in front of the bathroom mirror is time wasted; there again, you could go out each day wearing a potato sack. For gents who like to set the bar a little higher, then yes – male grooming is definitely a worthwhile endeavour.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll want to garner a reputation for vanity, so the key is pinning down those key steps that will keep you looking sharp, without adding a big time overhead to your day-to-day routine.

Male Skincare – A Step Towards Everlasting Youth*

Looking after your skin is one of the most basic steps you can take to enhance your personal appearance. Dry, tired skin is instantly ageing, so keeping your bathroom cabinet stocked with a few men’s skincare essentials is a must. For best results, start each day by using a high-quality facial wash, then apply a moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated, plump and youthful looking.

If you shave, then things become a little more challenging. It’s safe to say that running a razor blade across your face isn’t the kindest way to treat your skin, so it’s important to make amends by showing it some love afterwards; a good aftershave balm should be just the ticket.

*Disclaimer: As much as we believe in our products, everlasting youth is not a guaranteed outcome.

Take Care of Your Beard (and Your Beard Will Take Care of You)

Beards move in and out of fashion – the Edwardians loved them, there was a big revival in the 70s, and as we knock on the door of the 2020s, they’re with us once again. But there’s a big gulf between hipster chic and vagrant vibe, so how can you be sure you’re on the right side of the tracks?

For a start, there’s more to achieving a great beard than just allowing nature to take its course. As well as trimming your beard to maintain a good shape, its’ also a smart idea to treat it to some loving, in the form of a high-quality beard oil. These specially formulated oils are designed to soften otherwise coarse hairs, keeping your beard tactile and appealing, rather than prickly and off putting.

Scentsational Pleasures

Most of the products we’ve looked at here already contain appealing masculine fragrances, but it’s simple enough to take things up a notch, by adding a dash of aftershave at the end of your new skincare routine.

Always remember to pick complementary fragrances; buying one brand right across the board is a smart way to ensure everything rubs along well together. Talking of which, if you’re the sort of man who craves simplicity, then picking up a skincare gift set could save you the hassle of piecing products together one by one.

Whichever way you go, follow the tips we’ve shared here and you’re sure to stand out for all the right reasons, come raceday.