How to Pack for a Holiday

A Guide for the Jet-Set Gent!

Packing… It’s a chore to do, and most men like to leave it late, in the vague hope that their clothes will somehow find their own way into a suitcase. But who would have believed that there’s a fine art to this much maligned chore?

Don’t believe us? Just read on to learn the top tips that make packing for a winter sun holiday easy.

Tip 1: Pack Early

If you’re flying south tomorrow, then this tip will be of limited use to you – but it’s one of the fundamentals of successful packing. When we talk about packing early, we don’t actually mean that you need to pack everything up a week before you leave – only that you should plan what you’ll be packing well in advance.

There’s a good chance you’ll discover that you need an extra T-Shirt or two, or that those shorts that fitted last summer don’t quite accommodate your post-Christmas waistline! Whatever the reason, having an extra few days to head to the shops or order online is a big plus.

Tip 2: Pack Clothes for All Seasons

The weather can be a fickle beast (and not just in Britain, seemingly) so it makes sense to cover all your bases and pack clothes for all seasons. That doesn’t mean you need to fill your case to the brim with thick overcoats and woolly jumpers – but it does mean that you should have something warm to hand in case the evenings turn chilly.

A jacket could be the perfect choice, and with any luck you won’t even need it, but if the weather’s not what you’re hoping for (or if your plane’s rerouted to Moscow) then you’ll be thankful to have it.

Cold’s not the only threat to your holiday either. If you’re heading to the tropics, then it’s worth remembering that those lush paradise islands only stay that way because of the plentiful rainfall. Lightweight waterproofs are the perfect remedy, and will keep you dry without being overly warm (or eating too heavily into your baggage allowance.)

Tip 3: Think About Footwear

Unless you’re planning to spend every waking hour on the beach, it’s important to think about what footwear you need to pack for your holiday. For most occasions, something lightweight and cool is perfect – sandals are ideal because they’ll allow your feet to breath.

For evenings out at bars or restaurants, you’ll probably want something a little more formal – but avoid going too far, or you’ll risk looking like the stereotypical stuffy Englishman abroad… Just think of loafers or something similarly versatile, and you won’t go far wrong.

Tip 4: Dress for the Journey

Just because you’re heading somewhere warm and sun soaked, that doesn’t mean the journey will be likewise. Layer up before you set out – that way, you’ll always be able to take something off if you find you’re too warm. (Trust us - it’s distinctly easier than rummaging for a jacket mid-flight.)

On a more serious note, wearing a few layers when you head off is also a smart way to work around the tight baggage limits that many airlines now apply.

Tip 6: Enjoy Your Holiday!

Packing for a holiday will never be fun – but it can at least be easy and hassle free. Just follow this guide and you’ll be all set to enjoy the perfect winter sun holiday!