How to Wear a Check Suit in 2019

Check suits are back, bringing with them a subtle hint of neo-Edwardian grandeur. But pulling off the look requires attention to detail, so in this guide we’ll show you how to wear a check suit – without looking like you’ve stepped off the set of Downton Abbey!

Embrace Colour

Critics of the tweed check suit argue that the look is too closely linked to old-world sporting pursuits; a relic of a bygone era when gents spent their days hunting, shooting or fishing. But one way the look is being reinterpreted is by injecting colour into the traditionally beige world of tweed checks.

Blue suits were widely considered a fashion faux-pas just a few years ago, but are now enjoying a revival, and this colour choice is underpinning the rise of check suits. Of course, blue isn’t the only way to go; creams offer a lighter choice, while the usual suspects like grey and charcoal also make their presence felt.

Finally, a word on those classic tweed staples – beige and tan colours: if that’s your look, then don’t let the haters bring you down! This classic country style is on-trend in 2019, so if you’re not willing to embrace it now, then you probably never will!

Synchronise Your Checks

The check suit is a bold choice, and while we’re always keen to encourage men to push the envelope of fashion, there comes a point where less can be more.

Synchronising a check suit around one colour (and one style of check) ensures that you’ll stand out for the right reasons, rather than looking like a Technicolor nightmare! On that same theme, check patterns can work best when set against a plain foil – and nothing could be better than a classic white shirt.

Go All In, With a Three-Piece Suit

Wearing a check suit makes a bold statement that it’s OK to touch on the traditional and reinterpret classic elegance for the 21st Century. The obvious way to drive that message home is to go beyond the blazer and trousers, and embrace the full-blown three-piece suit.

Adding a waistcoat into the mix has become an accepted fashion choice once more, steadily gaining ground ever since a certain football manager sported the look at the 2018 World Cup. And when it comes to check suits, the waistcoat feels even more at home.

To Tie or Not to Tie?

For the modern gent, that is the question! Once, a tie was an obligatory part of a suit – as essential as the trousers or shirt; today, a tie is an optional extra, embraced by die-hard fans, but spurned by a growing number of men.

So, who’s right? We say both… The best-dressed men have more than one string to their bows, and work through a range of looks as the occasion demands. So, take a leaf from their book, and switch between tie wearing and the tie-free look – after all, it’s an obvious way to shake things up and vary your day-to-day appearance.

Coming Soon – Marc Darcy Check Suits

Lovers of check, rejoice… We’re introducing a range of Marc Darcy suits to our online store. This leading tailor has a reputation for taking heritage looks and redefining them for a discerning contemporary clientele.

Check suits, tweed and accessories are a big part of the Marc Darcy range, and we’re proud to be a leading retailer of these classic, yet innovative, menswear lines. We’ve stocked the range in our Louth menswear store for several months now, but this new collection represents a major addition to our online offering.