The Modern Man’s Guide to Denim Jeans

High-quality denim jeans are a tried and tested staple of the modern man’s wardrobe. But the near-endless variations on this popular theme can make choosing the right jeans confusing. We’ve put together this short guide to cover all the basics and help you get it right...

Pick Your Style

Try not to think about jeans alone, look at them as being a part of your overall look. Why not start by working out whether you’re chasing a slightly more formal style, or just want to keep things comfy and relaxed?

Know Your Fits

Jeans come in a range of fits – these vary by brand, but common fits include skinny, slim, regular, relaxed, and loose. Though there’s no hard-and-fast rule, it’s fair to say that skinny and slim fit jeans tend to work best on guys of a lighter build, while relaxed and loose fits suit larger guys.

In terms of style, regular jeans are the most versatile and can be best if you’re looking for a smart casual classic that goes with anything. On the flip side, the more ‘extreme’ fits like skinny and loose fit jeans make a stronger statement in their own right and can help determine your overall look.

Know Your Colours

If you’re looking for a sophisticated look, then the classic navy or medium denim choices are probably the safest bet – why not try pairing these with a lightweight jacket and open neck shirt? Alternatives include blacks and greys, which can be slimming, or lighter blue washes, which can make a bigger impact and sit well with casual wear like printed Tees.

Try Denim and Leather 

Denim and leather is one of the best established combinations in fashion – and there’s a reason for that… The earthy tan/brown tones of leather are a complimentary colour to the typical blue colours of denims.

Leather jackets, full length leather coats (a look that’s right on trend in late 2018), and essential accessories like belts all set off the look of denim perfectly. And, while we’re talking leather, don’t forget your shoes as part of the overall scheme. Browns/tans are often preferred alongside blue jeans, with canvas shoes a great alternative before the weather turns too cold.

Lastly, if you’re pushing for an edgier or more urban look, trainers can work perfectly, especially with ‘statement’ fits like skinny or loose jeans.

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