Our Story


Established in 2018, Hewlett & Co. are an independent family owned business providing quality footwear. Determined to bring a new and superior level of service, expertise, and attention to detail to the world of footwear retailing, the Hewlett & Co. ethos was born. We believe everyone should have Quality, Stylish & Comfortable shoes.

From humble beginnings in our Louth store we began to meet our customers and gather feedback on everything they wanted from colours to laces. And through refining our collection we’ve been able to grow and further develop our choice.

We’ve been in the industry since 1980 so it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing, we live for our customers and view them as our community sharing their insights and learning how we’ve supported them, whether this is shoes for their big day or nailing a job interview we love being apart of your life’s journey.

The Hewlett & Co. Difference

Being unashamedly dedicated to footwear, we are able to offer a level of choice, quality, value, service, and expertise that outshines our competitors…

Every item we sell is carefully sourced from a variety of respected suppliers, allowing us to deliver the perfect blend of quality and affordability. We’ve searched far and wide to stock the best shoes.

Our team consists of people that care, each equipped with a genuine knowledge of our products, and each possessing a professional interest in meeting the unique needs of every customer. So much so that every product we stock is tried and tested by us before we stock it!

At Hewlett & Co., the difference is crystal-clear, with personalised service and bespoke advice that allows everyone to select the best shoes for your size, shape, style!

At Hewlett & Co. we’re busy bringing a fresh focus to footwear... Explore the rest of the site to experience the difference today!

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We’re dedicated to bringing the very best footwear collection for our customers, and to do that we have 3 core values that we won’t compromise.

  1. Style We believe that style is timeless and everyone should embrace their personality in the style they wear. So whether it’s pink stripe sandals or black brogues we only care about you, your style and your shoes!
  1. Comfort Style is great but it’s useless if you can’t wear it. That’s why comfort is at the heart of all our products, we personally test every single item to ensure you’ll be comfy going from boardroom to bar. Let’s face it we’re on our feet for too long to be uncomfortable!
  1. Quality Absolutely no room for sacrifice when it comes to quality, we believe that having shoes that last is essential which is why we only use quality materials, not only does it just make sense but it helps our planet too and we’ve all got to do our bit. 


Every step is another step forward in your adventure of life and we want to make sure you’re best prepared with Quality, Stylish and Comfortable shoes. We’re proud to have been working within the industry for 40 years bringing a wealth of knowledge to our collection.

Each collection is curated with our core values and customers in mind, which is why we hand pick our shoes from a 1000s of choices using our certified suppliers to bring you the very best.

So next time you’re thinking about a new pair of shoes, ask yourself do they have style, comfort and quality?


Our founders, Dean and Mark, have an extensive professional background in retail. With more than a decade of experience under their fine leather belts, they felt that it was high-time to step out on their own and set right a wrong that confronted them every day...

There’s simply no denying the fact that the needs of the shopper have been shamefully ignored by the big fashion retailers. While Britain’s high-streets are lined with shoe shops, the offering is typically blurred and doesn't focus on how they can add value to their customers adventures.