Suit Fit Guide

How to Choose the Best Suit Fit for You

No fashion conscious man’s wardrobe should be without a good range of suits, and yet, many men are confused by the array of fits available, and struggle to choose the most appropriate suit for their body type, or for the environment it will be worn in.

In this short guide we’ll look at the options available, and take you through how to correctly measure up for a new suit at home.

Understanding The Different Suit Fits

Most modern suits are defined as belonging to one of four fits:

1) Regular Fit

Regular fit suits are traditional, generously cut, and accommodating. Broad across the shoulder, with a loose waist, the jacket will tend to be long, while the trousers are straight cut and likewise slightly longer.

Who It’s For

A regular fit suit is ideal for men of a larger build, and if comfort is your top priority this could be the perfect choice. Ideal for projecting a more traditional image while at work, this fit can also be a great option for warmer climes – where its roomy tailoring will ensure the wearer stays cool.

2) Tailored Fit

Tailored fit suits have a slightly closer fit right across the body, producing a look that many men find more defined and stylish. The jacket is mid-line in length, cut to meet the shoulder, and shaped to lightly define the waist. The trousers taper mildly.

Who It’s For

The tailored fit is often thought more elegant than the regular fit, and delivers aesthetic appeal – without making an overtly loud statement. Perfect for work or social occasions, a tailored fit suit is a versatile addition to any man’s wardrobe.

3) Slim Fit

Slim fit suits are often preferred by younger men of slimmer build. Not only is the jacket tighter across the shoulder and pinched at the waist, but it also sits more tightly across the chest and through the sleeves. The trousers follow a narrow line and taper at the base, without being tight. The leg length is typically slightly shorter, and will just touch the top of the shoe.

Who It’s For:

The slim fit suit is a refined, sophisticated choice. Purposefully contemporary, without being extravagantly stylised, the fit achieves a perfect blend of fashionable lines and measured restraint. Like the tailored fit, this cut is versatile and works well in any work or social environment.

4) Skinny Fit

The skinny fit suit meets the demand for a tightly defined, modern look. Tight fitting across every area of the body, a skinny fit suit gives a man a razor-sharp silhouette. Both the jacket and the trousers are cut a fraction shorter, and the fit exudes a minimal, and even edgy, character.

Who It’s For:

The skinny fit suit is best for lean men who want to project an ultra-contemporary image, and aren’t shy about making a conscious fashion statement. This fit is perfect for cutting a dash in the modern workplace or at a social gathering where style is a must!

How to Measure Yourself for a Suit

When choosing a suit online, it’s vital to ensure it will fit correctly. This is best achieved by taking a series of accurate measurements:

Collar: Measure your neck at the point where a shirt collar would naturally sit. By holding a finger between the tape measure and your skin you can ensure the collar won’t fit too tightly.

Chest: Your chest measurement should be taken at the broadest point. For most men this is achieved by placing the tape measure just below the armpit.

Sleeve: The sleeve length is measured from the outer angle of the shoulder. Broadly speaking, sleeve length is considered a matter of personal preference, but most men will prefer a sleeve that ends just below the wrist.

Waist: Taking your waist measurement varies depending on whether you’re measuring for a jacket or trousers. The ‘jacket waist’ is defined as the narrowest point of the waist, while the ‘trouser waist’ is defined as the wider point of the waist, where the waistband will naturally settle.

Inside Leg: This is measured from the crotch, down the inside of the leg, to the point where the hem will meet with the shoe (it can be helpful to actually wear shoes when taking this measurement).

The Perfect Suit

Armed with an accurate understanding of what works for your body shape, and what image the different suit fits will project, you’re well placed to make the perfect choice.

Why not explore our range of suits and order a fit that best represents your unique sense of style?